The Final Countdown: Overlooked Deaths, Crocheted Helmets and EA’s Mistake

Go here to see the overlooked deaths of 2012.

“Every year, Cracked takes a few minutes to look back and reflect on the lives of the recently deceased whose deaths didn’t necessarily make headlines, despite the fact that they each changed your life in some small way. So let’s take a moment to remember …”

The Countdown

A great crochet dwarven helmet – [FilmDrunk]

EA pulls gun links from Warfighter site – [Insert Coin]

The UK will have Doctor Who stamps – [GeeksAreSexy]

SOA’s Kurt Sutter blasts AMC – [TVOvermind]

A larger than life portrait – [Izismile]

Leaked Mercedes CLA image – [Pedal]

The best of Local News in 2012 – [HyperVocal]

The best albums of 2012 – [DeathTaxes]

Trailer for Doctor Who 2013 – [ScreenCrush]

It is cat day – [TheChive]

What to do with your week off – [Maxim]

George HW in intensive care – [Heavy]

Dad gets a championship ticket for Christmas – [CavemanCircus]

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