The Final Countdown: Oscar Snubs, Modern Games and Biden on Video Games

Go here to see the Oscars snubs of the year.

I haven’t really been able to process who may or may not have been snubbed this year at the Oscars, but Screencrush has, and I would probably agree with most of their picks here. Check them out for yourself.

The Countdown

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Biden meeting with video game reps over gun violence – [Insert Coin]

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Annoying people harass lions – [Barmorama]

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Reality TV show wants you to go to Mars – [BroBible]

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  • Postal

    A few points on the gun vs. video game issue.

    Someone pretending to be a lawyer or advocate or something, who has been on 60 minutes at least 3 times fewer than myself I might add…, made some fairly ridiculous points.

    I would like to point out that causation is not the same as correlation. As my stats teacher pointed out: ice cream sales and murder rates are highly correlated. But one does not cause the other. They are both affected by a 3rd factor. In this case: weather/seasonal behavior.

    Do many of these murderers play video games? I haven’t seen the numbers, but I would suspect almost all of them have. I suspect nearly all of them have attended a religious service at some point or eaten a Happy Meal. See the problem there?

  • drunkenjunk

    biden is such a douche