The Final Countdown: New Vegas Survival, Death-Defying Stunts and Glee’s Scandalous GQ Cover

Go here to see a New Vegas survival guide.

I’m currently debating whether or not to get Fallout: New Vegas. I like the last game at first, but around the 1,000th time I had to use VATS I got sick of it, and got tired of roaming around buildings for an hour to find the prize was a computer console I wasn’t good enough to hack. But hey, maybe this one is better? Anyone played who can shed some light?

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  • Kevin

    I’ve put a solid 10 hours into the Fallout NV and I have been thoroughly impressed. They took everything from the last game and tweaked it. It’s still the same game engine from F3 and sadly, still has some of the bugs that that game had.

    Other than that though it has been very good. It’s a lot harder this time around, whereas in the last game you could explore almost all of the locations besides where the Deathclaws hung out from the get-go and be able to survive or even flourish. In this one, if you go off the main roads anywhere near the beginning of the game you will get the crap kicked out of you. The enemies out in the Mojave are in packs and are fast and will dominate you if you try to get past them.

    The skills and attributes have also been majorly tweaked. Whereas last game you could get almost anything done without the speech/barter/charisma skills it is almost the complete opposite this time. You need those very much to get help or have new missions. But everything else seems just as important. Not to mention that they don’t give you nearly enough points to max out your skills so you have to be very specific about what skills you will excel at.

    I won’t get into the different factions or the main plotline because I haven’t even really gotten that deep into it yet, but I am very happy with it so far.

  • New Vegas looks an interesting one to me šŸ™‚ i have played initial rounds and i think its ok

  • jon

    if you like the first one you will like it…if not then you should stay away.

  • David

    Oh, unreality.

    I like you. You’re just the right kind of geeky and give me lots of great links. But jesus, could you stop trying so hard to be a lad mag? I mean, you realize that your readers can find sexist bullshit and softcore porn pretty much ANYWHERE else, right?

  • Lagrange
  • Robert

    Play New Vegas. It’s great. If you liked Fallout 3 then New Vegas should be a blast. There are still bugs, but all of the games pros weigh out its cons.

  • Velovan

    I’m around 10 hours into New Vegas and I’m pretty unimpressed. It’s just Fallout 3 copied and pasted into a Vegas setting. The graphical engine is starting to show its age, there’s a ton of glitches, bugs and freezes and there really isn’t any major addition to the game. It’s more or less a 60 dollar expansion pack.

    The “if you liked Fallout 3 you’ll like this” mantra you hear isn’t necessarily true. I liked Fallout 3 a lot, but 100 more hours of an identical game is way overkill. I’m probably going to beat the main story then ship it back to Gamefly in the hopes of getting Fable III or Force Unleashed 2.

  • NY not NYC

    Iā€™m probably going to beat the main story then ship it back to Gamefly in the hopes of getting Fable III or Force Unleashed 2.

    You realize those are going to be even more-so the same game, correct? Since when has Fable done anything new?

  • Velovan

    We won’t know for sure until reviews start coming out, but based on what I’ve seen from previews and the like, Fable III and Unleashed 2 are at least evolving from their earlier releases. Last time I checked, that’s what sequels do. Apparently Obsidian and Bethesda didn’t get that memo, because New Vegas isn’t an evolution, it’s a recreation of a 2 year old game.

    Like I said, we’ll see what the reviews say about the last two October releases. I’m cautiously optimistic for both, since the developers seem to have an idea of what worked and what fell short in their previous efforts.