The Final Countdown: New Spartacus, Bible Cartoons and Skyrim Not My GOTY Pick

Go here to see the new Spartacus season two trailer.

Even though star Andy Whitfield has died of cancer, his show, Spartacus lives on and will be back for season two. This new trailer shows what we can expect from the bloody premiere.

The Countdown

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  • YAY YAY YAYYYYY Spartacus! Best show. Can’t wait!

  • Cartle

    The fact that you said that Deus Ex’s stealth was “far exceeding in complexity” is just mind numbing to me. I played the entirety of Deus Ex on the hardest difficulty as a stealther (without killing a single soul) and it was an extremely easy experience. The stealth kills (knockouts) were just incredibly easy to pull off and otherwise you could walk past most of whatever you needed to face. It isnt complex at all.

    Im not saying Skyrims was, not by a long shot, but Deus Ex’s stealth certainly wasnt either.

    Deus Ex would definitely be my game of choice over portal, though.

  • Charlie

    I wanted so badly to disagree with you about Skyrim, Paul. But then I read your article and I couldn’t. Good persuasive writing, there.

  • RBourn

    Did you see the GOT RPG trailer. They made The Wall into a bloody stone castle wall. C’mon anyone that read the books knows that it is magically infused ice built up ages ago. Only the castles alongside are made of stone. Looks wrong, and a little like crappy LOTR tie in games.

    Also, big up the anti-Skyrim post, you are probably right that despite the open world, the story doesn’t go anywhere, and also sooooo many glitches.

    Only Robbaz the unarmed Viking makes up for that. He’s badass.