The Final Countdown: New SNL Obama, Sci-Fi in Nature and Borderlands Pre-ordering

Go here to see SNL’s new Obama.

“‘SNL has never been shy about skewering politics and with last night’s season premiere, it came out swinging. The cold open was as aggressively political (and hilarious) as the show has ever been, introducing a new performer as President Obama and satirizing the current presidential race.”

The Countdown

Sci-fi scenes created by nature – [Cracked]

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Pee Wee Herman redubs Lincoln trailer – [FilmDrunk]

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Presidential campaign goes 8-bit – [HyperVocal]

Lady Gaga has a wasp named after her  – [DeathTaxes]

The most annoying TV and film characters – [Ranker]

The Hobbit character galley – [WWIW]

HBO Girls season two trailer – [Pajiba]

The curse of celebrity girlfriends – [Maxim]

This is how you pay a Parking Ticket – [BroBible]

This is the new Robocop suit – [Heavy]


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