The Final Countdown: Nerd Tattoos, Namecalling and a SOPA Petition

Go here to see the best nerdy tattoos.

I guess over at GeeksAreSexy they live up to their name. They had their readers send in pictures of all the nerdy tattoos they have, and as it turns out, it’s quite a collection.

The Countdown

Why being a nerd doesn’t matter anymore – [Cracked]

Veto SOPA petition racks up a ton of signatures – [Insert Coin]

Kim Jong-Il made a monster movie – [FilmDrunk]

Steve Buscemi’s best roles – [UGO]

25 gross holiday themed products – [Holytaco]

A fantastic Shakira compilation – [HollywoodTuna]

The seven best mockumentaries – [Socialhype]

A pretty cool shipping container Starbucks – [TheChive]

The best onsceen couples of the year – [Pajiba]

Jedi ninjas? Amazing – [Neatorama]

Daniel Radcliffe hosting SNL – [PopCrunch]

A Battlefield knifing tribute – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Scottie Thompson – [Maxim]

Wrath of the Titans gets a trailer – [ToplessRobot]


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