The Final Countdown: Nerd Tattoos, Namecalling and a SOPA Petition

Go here to see the best nerdy tattoos.

I guess over at GeeksAreSexy they live up to their name. They had their readers send in pictures of all the nerdy tattoos they have, and as it turns out, it’s quite a collection.

The Countdown

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  • Dawkness

    Maaan I know this chick who got a triforce tramp stamp and she doesnt know a damn thing about the series. I used to think chicks with video game tats were hot, till i realized most of them probably just did it for attention. Gotta at least know how to defeat phantom gannondorf in the forest temple if you are gonna rock that ink imo.

  • Dson

    Hey Paul,

    I enjoy reading your site, but do you mind putting the search bar at the top of the page? I only just discovered it, and it was really hard finding old content let alone the search bar itself.