The Final Countdown: Nature’s Diabolical Predators, VMA Performances, and Obama’s XBox


Click on the photo for nature’s most diabolical predators

Mother Nature is the world’s greatest supervillain, and her cruelty is only outweighed by her deviousness. Sure, none of the diabolical predators below will hurt you personally–that we know of–but just imagine what some of the poor victims go through when these crazy-ass organic ninjas strike.

The Countdown

Top Ten VMA Performances – [Right Celebrity]

Obama urges more kids to play XBox – [Manofest]

World of Warcraft isolation pod to be the doom of us all – [Double Kill]

Introducing…Where the magic happens – [Doubleviking]

Constructing Digg as a pie chart – [Gunaxin]

Pamela Anderson’s banned PETA commercial – [Attuworld]

Anyone want to see Kate Gosselin in Playboy? – [Warmingglow]

Since when are there Amish romance novels? – [Blog of Hilarity]

Now this might be the future of Superhero movies – [Screenjunkies]

Oh well, no Green Hornet for Mr. Cage – [Filmdrunk]

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