The Final Countdown: Movies’ Hidden Meanings, Expendables 2 Cast and a New Spartacus

Go here to see movies with hidden meanings.

There are many films we’ve seen many times, but it turns out we may have missed the point over and over again. These titles might have been hinting at something greater, and with closer inspection with might actually see what.

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The Countdown

Willis and Van Damme will be in Expendables 2 – [FilmDrunk]

We have a new Spartacus – [ToplessRobot]

MW2 on PS3 now unplayable because of hackers – [Insert Coin]

When duct tape saves everything on TV and film – [UGO]

More Ricky Gervais controversey – [WarmingGlow]

What it would look like if LA was deserted – [WildAmmo]

The most ridiculous Bollywood scenes ever – [Ranker]

So what happened to Vince Vaughn – [ScreenJunkies]

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Eight legendary celebrity binges – [SmokingJacket]

Are you glad the internet exists – [Asylum]

Today’s girl is Zoe Saldana – [Maxim]

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel gets a new name – [Pajiba]

11 minutes in of Dead Space 2 – [Heavy]

Aubrey O’Day morphing into Paris Hilton – [MoeJackson]

30 funny ways to ruin a photo – [DJMick]


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