The Final Countdown: Movie Plot Holes, Wyatt Wisdom and Wii Mini

Go here to see more movie plot holes you didn’t notice.

“The magic of editing means that in just seconds, a movie character can go from attending a party in a tuxedo to being fully dressed in Batman gear by merely cutting from one shot to the next. Movies would suck without this — nobody wants films to waste time showing Bruce Wayne tediously lacing up his boots and applying the talcum powder that lets him get the rubber mask over his cheeks.”

The Countdown

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Deer attacks two men, steals cigs – [Neatorama]

Jobs they had before they were famous – [Barnorama]

How to save a drowning phone – [TVOvermind]

Pop songs with dark messages – [Guyism]

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Today’s girl is Rihanna – [Maxim]


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