The Final Countdown: Movie Lessons, The Raid 2 Game and Xbox One Gold


Go here to see the insane lessons you didn’t notice in famous movies.

“But what I find fascinating is that occasionally Hollywood will crank out a beautifully made film that is received with universal praise but whose moral is just utterly fucking bizarre. All of the films on this list are wonderful films, but that’s the point: You get so distracted by the spectacle that you don’t notice how freaking insane they are.”

The Countdown

The Raid 2 as an 8-bit playable video game – [FilmDrunk]

Xbox One may get apps outside of Live Gold – [Insert Coin]

Anna Kendrick did well on SNL – [TVOvermind]

FESTO creates a bionic kangaroo – [GeeksAreSexy]

The best creature sidekicks in movie history – [Pajiba]

Some crazy near miss GIFs – [TheChive]

People prank tipping small cars in SF – [Neatorama]

When a baboon meets a lion – [io9]

Baby’s first lemon – [WWIW]

Students pull great April Fool’s prank on teacher – [Izismile]

Landing the world’s smallest parachute – [Maxim]

The government has vicious new anti-texting PSAs – [BroBible]

A collection of Game of Thrones jokes – [Caveman]

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