The Final Countdown: Movie Jobs, Point Break Remake and Twitch Streaming


Go here to see movie plots based on people sucking at their jobs.

“Action movies are usually populated by busty damsels in distress, hard-jawed men who will do anything to get their families back, and ingenious, possibly British-accented villains whose intellect is rivaled only by their sadism. At their best, these movies are about extraordinary situations that require extraordinary men.”

The Countdown

Point Break remake getting cast – [FilmDrunk]

Xbox One gets Twitch streaming – [Insert Coin]

Twitter ruins your favorite actors – [Pajiba]

The problem with adapting fiction for TV – [TVOvermind]

The true story of Flappy Bird – [GeeksAreSexy]

HBO eyeing Peter Dinklage for new series – [GammaSquad]

Fake movies Hollywood should make – [WWIW]

When a drug lord’s home gets raided – [TheChive]

New trailer for Godzilla is here – [TheBlemish]

The creation of Adam with sprinkles – [Neatorama]

A gallery of scary eyebrows – [Izismile]

Today’s girl is Astrid McGuire – [Maxim]

Facts you didn’t know about whiskey – [BroBible]

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