The Final Countdown: Movie Editing, Locke Trailer and PS4 Sales Craziness


Go here to see movie plotholes you didn’t notice because of editing.

“The first trick you learn about movies is that the camera is always lying. Every time there’s a cut, our perspective is leaping through time and space, sometimes across continents. We’re missing about 90 percent of what’s going on, and that’s usually OK, because no one needs to see Bruce Wayne drop his eye makeup applicator down his sink drain and spend 10 minutes trying to fish it out with a coat hanger.”

The Countdown

Tom Hardy’s new trailer for Locke – [FilmDrunk]

Sony announces 5.3M PS4s sold – [Insert Coin]

What happens at Netflix during House of Cards launch – [TVOvermind]

25 minutes of gameplay from the South Park game – [GeeksAreSexy]

Teaser for Orange is the New Black – [Pajiba]

Some new wallpaper options for you – [TheChive]

Jimmy Fallon’s $100 bet – [WWIW]

How the North became the top of the map – [Neatorama]

Paris Hilton is DJ-ing – [TheBlemish]

Today’s girl is Sarah Shahi – [Maxim]

College guy with some great Vines – [BroBible]

The 12 best fictional presidents – [Gunaxin]

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