The Final Countdown: Movie Adaptations, Biggest Loser Winner and Xbox One Update


Go here to see movie adaptations that left out the best parts.

“We like to roll our eyes at the whole “the movie will never be better than the source material,” stuff. But, as our readers’ research shows, it turns out that sentiment is absolutely true.”

The Countdown

Biggest Loser winner may have overdone it – [Pajiba]

Xbox One getting a big update – [Insert Coin]

The best child actors on TV – [TVOvermind]

Facts you may know about Ace Ventura – [FilmDrunk]

Thor: The Dark World gets an honest trailer – [GeeksAreSexy]

A five year old Kickboxing prodigy – [TheChive]

DMX will box George Zimmerman – [TheBlemish]

Some nonsensical gaming logic – [Izismile]

An awesome star map shawl – [Neatorama]

Ten times a guy shouldn’t cry – [GuyCode]

Today’s girl is Abbie Cornish – [Maxim]

Five fitness conspiracies – [BroBible]

How to make Frozen even better – [Gunaxin]

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