The Final Countdown: Modern Kids Stories, LEGO Ghostbusters and Ryse


Go here to see children’s books updated for modern times.

“We all had classic children’s books in our childhood. But the morals and messages of those books don’t really stand up to today’s ever-changing cultural and technological landscape. We asked our readers to reach back to when they were kids, pull out a book, and update to reflect the times we live in now.”

The Countdown

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What Xbox One’s Ryse should have been – [Insert Coin]

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Helen Mirren discovers twerking – [TheBlemish]

A gallery of remarkable health transformations – [Izismile]

Conan visits a pawn shop – [WWIW]

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are adorable – [ToplessRobot]

Alison Brie reads Craigslist missed connections – [BroBible]

Today’s girl is Hannah New – [Maxim]

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