The Final Countdown: Modern Espionage, Wonder Woman Cast and Backwards Compatibility


Go here to see how modern espionage  has left James Bond behind.

“Espionage! Skullduggery! Shooting people in the face with silenced pistols! Modern spy movies have given us a very specific picture of what an agent’s job should involve. And while we all know that James Bond is a silly exaggeration, the Cold War featured some real spies whose adventures were only slightly less insane.”

The Countdown

Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman gets cast – [Pajiba]

Take Two says backwards compatibility doesn’t matter – [Insert Coin]

Bret Michaels will be on Revolution – [TVOvermind]

Universal shuts down Fast and Furious 7 production – [FilmDrunk]

Victorian Star Trek cosplay – [GeeksAreSexy]

The pop music video mashup of 2013 – [TheChive]

Keri Russell robbed where she slept – [TheBlemish]

Portraits of dogs getting baths – [Neatorama]

A girl with a very strange habit – [Izismile]

Community returns in less than a month – [WarmingGlow]

Today’s girl is Alyssa Milano – [Maxim]

What ever happened to Supergirl’s Helen Slater – [BroBible]

New 300 trailer finally explains itself – [ToplessRobot]

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