The Final Countdown: Misplaced Movie Lines, Channing Wins and Bad Luck Black Ops

Go here to see famous movie quotes in the worst context.

“One of the most popular genres of image meme involves pasting movie quotes over images in which a character or adorable baby animal appears to be delivering it. We asked you to remix some of our favorite movie quotes with moments that would be uniquely inappropriate.”

The Countdown

Channing Tatum is sexiest man alive – [FilmDrunk]

Bad Luck for this Black Ops 2 cameo – [Insert Coin]

A geeky Minas Tirth cake – [GeeksAreSexy]

Less intense Sesame Street scandals – [TVOvermind]

The greatest movie presidents – [ScreenCrush]

Predicting the Twilight cast in ten years – [Pajiba]

Rihanna’s crazy shoot in GQ – [TheBlemish]

Rock legends in high school – [Pajiba]

The greatest internet photo – [WWIW]

Examples of blatant product placement – [Maxim]

10 things you didn’t know about zombies – [Brobible]

Awesome 8-bit video game posters – [ToplessRobot]

Splitting the image of one another –  [Izismile]

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