The Final Countdown: Misleading Trailers , Soprano Answers and Twitch Attack


Go here to see the most hilariously misleading trailers.

Movie trailers have the difficult job of convincing people to see a movie even when it isn’t marketable (or good at all). So it’s easy to understand the little tricks marketing pulls, like editing together unrelated lines of dialogue, or including the movie’s only two funny scenes in their entirety.”

The Countdown

David Chase reveals if Tony Soprano died – [WarmingGlow]

Hacking group back and attacking Twitch – [Insert Coin]

Why Full House coming back is a bad idea – [TVO]

Donald Glover will get to play Spider-Man sort of – [GeeksAreSexy]

Jon Stewart’s great Ferguson segment – [Pajiba]

Small athletes who dominated anyway – [theChive]

Turning a Pringles can into a candle – [SheBudgets]

Why a hot dog is $169 – [Worthly]

Kim K coming to Two Broke Girls – [CelebrityToob]

Joss Whedon defends Anita Sarkeesian – [GammaSquad]

Breaking Bad in two hours – [WWIW]

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