The Final Countdown: Mad Men Moments, Internet Bragging and Best Written Games

Go here to see Mad Men’s best moments.

“The fifth season of AMC’s Mad Men is just around the corner. It’s been 17 months since we last left Don Draper and his booze swilling, chain-smoking cohorts from Madison Avenue, and we hope the wait was worth it. That said, now’s the best time to review what happened to them between 1960 and 1965. ”

The Countdown

Five reasons not to brag on the internet – [Cracked]

These are the best written games of the year? – [Insert Coin]

A Decepticon engagement ring – [GeeksAreSexy]

Why you miss college – [theChive]

Deus Ex gear at the – [UnrealityStore]

99 year old Academy member on The Artist – [FilmDrunk]

What happened to the cast of Felicity? – [Pajiba]

Dear Esther has come a long way – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Tanit Phoenix – [Maxim]

Life as an extra in Game of Thrones – [Neatorama]

Will Ferrell at Mardi Gras – [BroBible]

The 12 greatest movie robots – [Guyism]

An ode to John Williams – [Gunaxin]

The six best Alien video games – [ToplessRobot]



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