The Final Countdown: Long Live the Four Batmen, Tyson’s Punch Drunk, and Paper Heart


Welcome to a new segment we’re running here at Unreality called “The Final Countdown.”  Essentially we’re going to be giving credit where credit is due. There are a lot of solid articles out there deserving of a mention so throughout the day as I see some great articles out there that perhaps you guys weren’t able to get to, you can always find them here.

We hope you enjoy the countdown.

Long Live the Four Batmen – [Topless Robot]

Punch Drunk Thug:  The Tyson Doc – [Screenjunkies]

Paper Heart Makes Headlines – [Filmbums]

8 Racist words you use everyday – [Cracked]

Hitman creators spawn mini Ninjas – [Shacknews]

  • Mini Ninjas really could go both ways, looks neat though.

  • By the way, and this may not be the best place to post this, but I’d just like to suggest that you implement a comment system like Disqus (can be done in minutes with WordPress), since it makes it a lot easier keeping up with discussions in comment threads like this one. I always forget that I was having a discussion with someone and never get back to people, because I have no way of being noticed about new posts to comment threads. 🙂