The Final Countdown: Left 4 Dead Lessons, Jason might be Worth It, and The Joaquin Hoax


Some people are paranoid, and then there’s this guy:

I have been planning out my zombie apocalypse strategy since I was in 8th grade. I have all my plans written out, know exactly where to go when the sh*t hits the fan and am confident that I will survive the coming apocalypse.

Just in case you fall into that position, you might want to check out important lessons from Left 4 Dead.

The Countdown

Life lessons from Left 4 Dead – [Destructoid]

Review of Friday the 13th – [Screencrave]

Has Joaquin Phoenix been faking it? – [Premium Hollywood]

This is just a very creepy mannequin – [Tastybooze]

Very bizarre promotion of Street Fighter by Kristin Kreuk – [Joystiq]

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