The Final Countdown: Last Minute Costumes, Awesome 3D Art and the Creepiest Places Ever

You think this is a real costume? NOPE! Chuck Testa.

It’s Halloween uh…today, and you might have put off making a costume until the last minute. Here are some ideas you can throw together quickly so long as you’re nerdy enough to get the references.

Also, last chance to enter the Unreality Halloween costume contest. Send entries to

The Countdown

Some mind boggling 3D art – [theChive]

The seven creepiest places on earth – [Cracked]

Every Friday the 13th kill – [UGO]

An amazing Dr. Who corgi – [FilmDrunk]

Four ridiculous Halloween alternatives – [HolyTaco]

Five unintentionally scary movies for Halloween  Р[Pajiba]

World population hits seven billion – [Neatorama]

The Zora King is slow as hell – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Alyson Hannigan – [Maxim]

The best recent TV shows – [Ranker]

Kim Kardashian will be single soon – [BroBible]

10 characters who need student loan forgiveness – [ScreenJunkies]

Footage from the Phoenix Wright movie – [ToplessRobot]

20 amazing Jack-o-Lanterns – [Heavy]

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