The Final Countdown: Knock Off Consoles, Movie Lawyers and Miyamoto’s Big Move

Go here to see the most hilarious knock off consoles.

“Christmas is upon us and chances are if you have a child or a man under 50 in your life, they want some video games for Christmas.  But what game?  And what if you want to save money for beer?  Best to buy a knock off game so you can be drunk and they can play Super Mariott Brothers.  Try one of these!”

The Countdown

Brilliant movie lawyers who suck at their jobs – [Cracked]

Shigeru Miyamoto steps down at Nintendo?? – [Insert Coin]

My friend is making a zombie graphic novel, help – [Kickstarter]

Limp Bizkit dropped from their label? Hah – [FilmDrunk]

An amazing water jetpack – [SocialHype]

The worst pro wrestling tattoos – [UGO]

Amazing underwater ink photography – [TheChive]

Ryan Murphy tortures those Glee kids – [Pajiba]

Turn your Android into an Xbox – [GeeksAreSexy]

The 50 best memes of 2011 – [Neatorama]

A giant antenna falls in Battlefield – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Arielle Kebbel – [Maxim]

White girl can rap really fast – [BroBible]

New Red Dwarf episodes coming – [ToplessRobot]

Kate Upton is a nun in a swimsuit for Three Stooges – [HollywoodTuna]


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