The Final Countdown: Kids These Days, Crime Fighting Tactics and EA Losing NCAA

Did 1999 or 2012 have the dumbest kids?

“The Teen Choice Awards were handed out last night, and in case you don’t want to scan through the 50 categories, here’s a brief rundown: The Hunger Games, Twilight, “Pretty Little Liars,” “Vampire Diaries” and Emma Stone won 85 percent of the awards”

The Countdown

Crime fighting tactics that don’t work – [Cracked]

EA to lose NCAA football rights – [Insert Coin]

Lori wants Lori to die on The Walking Dead – [WarmingGlow]

What redneck dubstep sounds like – [Smosh]

The many villains of Gotham – [GeeksAreSexy]

A Game of Hodor: Chapter 3 – [HolyTaco]

The best ever Batman films – [Ranker]

We are generation Derp – [TheChive]

A man yodels with chickens – [WWIW]

Woman had a pen in her stomach for years – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is Kathryn McCormick – [Maxim]

Chad is Ochocinco no more – [BroBible]

Stupid shooter kid in court with red hair – [Heavy]

Hints at The Newsroom finale – [TVOvermind]

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