The Final Countdown: Joffrey Faces, Communist Knowledge and Vampire MMO


Go here to see the 20 best Joffrey bitch faces.

The Countdown

Five things you know growing up in a Communist regime – [Cracked]

CCP shuts down World of Darkness vampire MMO – [Insert Coin]

The last Divergent book will be two movies – [FilmDrunk]

Folding a paper airplane like an engineer – [GeeksAreSexy]

Mad Men premiere review – [TVOvermind]

X-Men battle Sentinels in new clip – [GammaSquad]

John Cena is a stand-up guy – [TheChive]

Zac Efron puts everyone to shame at awards – [TheBlemish]

A brief history of cat worshippers – [Neatorama]

Fake Drake asks people about Drake – [WWIW]

A record-setting Chinese beekeeper – [Izismile]

A new My Little Pony documentary – [ToplessRobot]

Four bizarre Japanese inventions – [Gunaxin]

Tony Hale talks Veep and Arrested Development – [Maxim]

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