The Final Countdown: High Tech Cheap Ingredients, Naked Girls Interrupted, and G.I. Joe

Head on

Click on the photo for high tech products’ cheap ingredients

Every day you are bombarded with commercials for things you have to buy to avoid ending up bitter and alone in a pile of your own, reeking filth. You trust these products, because they are state of the art and one of a kind, and because you are an idiot.

Or at least, that’s what the advertisers think

The Countdown

Naked girls get interrupted – [Youtube]

G.I. Goe is equivalent to an epic fart bomb – [Filmdrunk]

Funny requests by hotel guests – [Attuworld]

Want to stop smelling like an A? – [Holytaco]

Madonna is like a mythical monster – [Blog of Hilarity]

I have to say, Ashley Tisdale got kind of hot – [Screenjunkies]

Hot Peppers tend to make you puke – [Totally Crap]

For a quick moment with Olivia Munn – [On205th]

9 People who are e-famous for trolling – [Regretful Morning]

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