The Final Countdown: High Grossing New Year Movies, Bad Harry Potter Decision and HBO vs. Netflix

Go here to see the highest grossing first weekend of the year movies ever.

“The week after New Years, as well as the first week in September, are where studios probably take their biggest dumps of the year, knowing that Christmas holdovers will probably still dominate.”

The Countdown

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HBO and Universal wage war on Netflix – [Insert Coin]

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Deleted scene from American Psycho – [FilmDrunk]

Things that will make you feel old – [Izismile]

When does the Hannibal show premiere – [ScreenCrush]

Life’s tough get a dog – [theChive]

The greatest job titles in history – [WWIW]

Starcraft animated Christmas special – [Neatorama]

Celebrities with and without beards – [Barnorama]

Today’s girl is Jasmine Dustin – [Maxim]

Cigarette smoking tricks – [BroBible]

The ten nerdiest controversies of 2012 – [ToplessRobot]


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