The Final Countdown: Happy Videos, Doctor Whoville and UN Internet Control Fails

Go here to see five videos that will brighten your day.

“There’s nothing fun about negativity, so I’m taking a break, because life is hard enough (and it’s almost Christmas!). So here are a bunch of videos that have no unifying theme beyond the fact that they all make me really, really happy. These are the videos that brighten my day, no matter how bad it is. Hopefully they can cheer some of you up, too.”

The Countdown

The Doctor Whovill cake – [Neatorama]

UN treaty to control internet fails – [Insert Coin]

The Golden Globes love Salmon Fishing – [FilmDrunk]

A cool little sci-fi short – [GeeksAreSexy]

Get my new book please! – [Amazon]

New Star Trek villain isn’t Khan – [ScreenCrush]

Brilliant instant action photography – [Izismile]

Ten cool Parks and Recreation facts – [TVOvermind]

Well that escalated quickly – [TheChive]

Forever Alone meets olympic hurdler – [WWIW]

Today’s girl is Allison Brie – [Maxim]

Concept art from Disney’s Frozen- [ToplessRobot]

The Hobbit made more festive with hats – [Gunaxin]

Breaking Bad Downtown Abbey mashup – [BroBible]

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