The Final Countdown: Go Away Rob Zombie, Conan’s Cat Puppies and Horror Movie Posters


Why am I featuring this as our lead link for the weekend instead of some hot actress? Because I hate Rob Zombie. I just watched House of 1000 Corpses AND The Devils Rejects this week, and they just might be the two worst horror movies I’ve ever seen. And if I go see Halloween II this weekend? I might just die of gore/stupidity overload.

Anyways, go here if you also think Rob Zombie should go away.

The Countdown:

Puppies dressed as cats on Conan – [Warming Glow]

The 25 creepiest horror movie posters – [Gunaxin]

15 of the weirdest magazines still in publication – [Asylum]

The best bartender in the world – [Manofest]

How not to keep your PC cool – [DJMick]

Star Wars 90210 – [Atom]

Rooming with a town hall protester – [Throwkickpunch]

10 signs you might be a douche – [COED]


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