The Final Countdown: Girls, ACME and Working From Home


Go here to see why people argue about Girls so much.

“It’s almost impossible to find discussions like that about HBO’s Girls: talks defined by calm but firm disagreement, where two parties come to understand they feel differently about the show and simply accept it. People don’t just praise Girls, they defend it.”

The Countdown

The dark truth behind cartoon’s ACME – [Cracked]

11 ways to stay motivated while working from home – [Insert Coin]

So this is what Jay Z Net Worth is? [Celebritytoob]

First teaser trailer for FX’s The Strain – [TVOvermind]

What the ultimate nerd night looks like – [GeeksAreSexy]

Is Her a lot like Weird Science? – [FilmDrunk]

Yeah Yeah is all grown up now – [TheChive]

An awesome metal lion sculpture – [Neatorama]

The first still from the new Dumb and Dumber – [TheBlemish]

The woman who has been arrested 23 times – [Izismile]

Arnold goes undercover at Gold’s Gym – [WWIW]

Today’s girl is Misha Gillingham – [Maxim]

Another god damn winter storm – [Heavy]

Fruit Loops all taste the same – [BroBible]

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