The Final Countdown: Girlfriends in Games, Internet Video Comments and Zombie Bikini Torsos

Go here to see why girlfriends are treated unfairly in games.

“Girlfriends, it must be said, do not have a great history in gaming. Princesses Peach and Daisy were silent abduction victims for years, but at least they had an excuse in that voice acting didn’t exist in video games. Now it does, yet still, if your character has a girlfriend, she’s unlikely to be that engaging a character.”

The Countdown

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  • So, an article about girlfriends in videogames that doesn’t even mention the Darkness’ Jenny? Who not only was not forced into the plot and had an actually realistic relationship with Jackie?

    Sounds like a typical piece from a (sadly) typical “gaming” journalist these days. Sigh.

  • Draugr

    @Aether McLoud

    What exactly would pointing out that one game do to counter the fact that these tropes are commonplace in games?

    We can find exceptions, certainly. It doesn’t prove the article is operating under a false premise.