The Final Countdown: Game Secrets, Sherlock References and Gears of War

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Go here to see the most hidden video game secrets.

“For the most part, secrets in video games are difficult to find, but not impossible. After all, the point of sticking something neat in a video game is for people to find it and bathe in its hot, sticky awesomeness.”

The Countdown

The references you missed in the new Sherlock – [Pajiba]

Why Microsoft is smart to secure Gears of War for Xbox One – [Insert Coin]

Which two villains are coming to the CW’s Flash? – [TVOvermind]

I, Frankenstein a huge flop this weekend – [FilmDrunk]

Disney character personality types – [GeeksAreSexy]

Some life advice from Arnold – [TheChive]

Snoop Dogg smokes with firefighters – [TheBlemish]

The real science of Tony Stark’s Iron Man notes – [Neatorama]

Some of the craziest hotels out there – [Izismile]

Photos taken right before disaster – [WWIW]

Today’s girl is Meagan Rath – [Maxim]

The entire NFL season in 160 seconds – [BroBible]

Taylor’s great Grammy performance – [Heavy]

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