The Final Countdown: Game Easter Eggs, Must See Movies and Infamous Second Son


Go here to see insane video game easter eggs you weren’t supposed to find.

“Like the basement of the weirdo you met on OKCupid, most video games contain secrets not meant for your eyes. Due to the impossibly complex way games are made, it’s usually easier to simply lock away unused features than try to delete them from the code entirely.”

The Countdown

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How to make your own lightsaber – [GeeksAreSexy]

Interesting ads that use their environments – [TheChive]

News anchors react to Cali earthquake – [TheBlemish]

10 gym mistakes you should avoid making – [BroBible]

Newman from Seinfeld is not actually dead – [Maxim]

A Star Wars Carnival procession – [Neatorama]

A tribute to St. Patrick’s Day – [Izismile]

Are selfies causing more head lice? – [WWIW]

10 myths about introverts – [Caveman]

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