The Final Countdown: Funny Deaths, Robot Uprising and MLG and CBS

Go here to see seven unintentionally funny deaths in films.

“Sometimes, death can’t help but be funny, even though we don’t want it to be. Sure, I wouldn’t like to see any of my friends or family suffer such fates, but it’s hard not to enjoy watching these mostly hammy actors meeting the most ridiculous ends imaginable.”

The Countdown

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  • Diablo

    Sorry to comment about this hear…but I really don’t want to sign up for another website.

    The insert coin article is very interesting. I guess I am weird but I go to a college with a huge population of Korean students. I hang out with a lot of them as I am a poker junkie from my days in the military and we play all night long. I started following Star Craft II games as the kids were always gambling on them (like I said…I am basically a gambling junkie).

    I’ve never played the game, yet for some reason, got totally addicted to watching it.

    I just wonder, as MLG gets more mainstream, if the fans of it, and those that play, are prepared for what will come with mainstream acceptance. Lets be honest, a lot of the language thrown around by fans and players would be…lets just say…”problematic” for a bigger audience. And granted this is FAR in the future, it would be interesting if MLG had to start doing performance enhancement testing in a similar situation like mainstream sports. How many professional players could get in trouble for adderall and stuff like that?

    Eh…what the hell do I know.