The Final Countdown: Final Fantasy Lessons, Movie Myths and No More Microsoft Points

Go here to see life lessons from Final Fantasy.

“Chocobos, Moogles, spells and swords, each Final Fantasy game may have an individual story with unique characters and settings, but some elements of the franchise appear in every title. These elements have reoccurred so many times that the lessons that come along with them have been drilled into our minds.

The Countdown

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  • i think ditching xbox live points is a bad thing, those things don’t cost the same everywhere!!!!

  • Jim Lahey

    Why would you link to brobible for that Heidi Klum story? They had a less-than-one-paragraph snippet about it that didn’t mention one single thing, only that she’s hot.

  • John O

    I just wanted to say that I admire ur ethical approach to this site, Paul. Specifically how you don’t lift entire paragraphs from other websites and put a link at the end like it’s a simple citation. I notice a lot of websites that basically steal page views by using this method. I’m not gonna mention any but I think unless there’s a contract or a formal relationship then it’s pretty low when someone else does the heavy lifting and people just repost the juiciest parts of their articles effectively stealing content and page views. I like the way you encourage people to go to the source even though some of the places that you redirect to don’t show the same sense of fairness.

  • andrew

    With the shit security that we’re seeing from Microsoft and Sony, you can count me out if they ban XBL points. I’m not putting my credit card number up for grabs. Morons.