The Final Countdown: Fictional Retro Games, Best Sidekicks and EA Buys PopCap

Go here to see retro video games that should have existed.

We all like to reminisce about our favorite titles, but there are a bunch we could have imagine being fun as well. Here is a photoshop contest that examines that possibilty

Do me a favor and help out this charity my friend started for Chicago school kids who can’t afford supplies. Much appreciated.

The Countdown

The 25 best sitcom sidekicks – [CollegeHumor]

So EA just bought PopCap for a billion – [Insert Coin]

Another Patton Oswalt 5 second film – [FilmDrunk]

Every episode of Mob Wives -[WarmingGlow]

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25 bizarre pieces of Potter fan art – [HolyTaco]

Rescue Me’s final season begins – [UGO]

A gallery of douchey hipsters – [theChive]

Evil Dead reboot is coming – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is Frieda Pinto -[Maxim]

Adam Sandler is not funny anymore – [ForkParty]

The funniest objects from Seinfeld – [Gunaxin]

Sherlock Holmes 2 gets a trailer – [ToplessRobot]

Snooki writing another book – [PopCrunch]

A Harry Potter corn maze – [Geekologie]

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