The Final Countdown: Fictional Movie Sports, Super Friends and Gervais Getting Flack

Go here to see fictional sports that should be real.

Movies have invented a lot of fictional sports over the year, and you have to wonder why no one ever thought to bring any of them to life. Here’s a batch we wish could exist outside of the big screen. Check them all out above.

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The Countdown

An unaired episode of Super Friends – [Cracked]

Critics hate Gervais, but screw them – [FilmDrunk]

Miss Arkansas does ventriloquism – [WarmingGlow]

Hey look it’s Devon Aoki – [HolyTaco]

Elmo’s hottest celebrity co-stars – [SuperBooyah]

The Scream 4 trailer gets super meta – [Pajiba]

Hipster superheroes – [CollegeHumor]

Five funny news clips for Monday – [Maxim]

40 percent of Americans have step relatives  Р[Asylum]

Should you buy Facebook stock? – [AskMen]

Nicky Minaj is a witch doctor? – [SmokingJacket]

Arnold wants to act again – [ScreenJunkies]

Pics of the crazy Aussie floods – [DJMick]

Brooklyn Decker is Esquire – [MoeJackson]

Look, it’s 3D without glasses, kind of – [BroBible]

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