The Final Countdown: Fictional LA, Ratner vs. Munn and Steve Jobs the Great Gaming God

Go here to see what movies don’t tell you about LA.

I’ve only been to LA for about a weekend, and I liked it well enough. But apparently if you live there, it’s a bit of a different story, and no movie will prepare you for it.

The Countdown

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  • Because Forbes’s comment registration is about 60 seconds too involved in addition to being buggy I’m going to post this here.

    Awesome article on Steve Jobs. We’re going to need some barbeque sauce after all the smoke hipsters and yuppies are determined to blow up his poor withered corpse’s ass. He had exactly zero (0) ambition to become successful based on video game support or provide a platform for revolutionary developers to showcase their ideas. Apple has never even been about other people’s software, that’s what iLife is for and if you have compatibility issues with your favorite third party app then tough was the name of the game. Now just because they provide a venue for shovelware and people line up for the latest $500 update to their socially mandated tech-literate wardrobe they get credit for being industry dominatrices and Nintendo-slayers. My gripes with this attitude are summarized by a specific response to necrophiliac wannabee #50,861 aka commenter mrrtmrrt

    1. multi-touch interface has not been a watershed when it comes to mobile gaming. I can’t think of any iOS games that effectively use this as a feature
    2. the flea-market discount bin video games section of the iOS apps megastore is not comparable to the dedicated console’s multi-million dollar budgeted offerings. Modern Warfare 3 is slated to make a billion in its first two months despite heavy competition from other big-name sequels
    3. Nintendo’s waning of dominating market share is a direct result of their software inadequacy, not elasticity of consumer expectations based on price. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a family with children toss out their wii and start handing out iphones for christmas as a substitute
    4. his perspective of mobile gaming is limited to the tiny expanse of his brain that remembers having a nokia when he was 10. Japan has had mobile hardware and software standardization that has allowed 16-bit quality games to sell in the millions including ports of industry shatterers like the Final Fantasy series
    5. Apple didn’t do anything “oh-so-right” except for smart branding and a desire to demystify the personal computing experience with streamlined interfaces that wouldn’t be intimidating to casual users. These two combined have created a self-assured attitude in iProduct users that they are on the cutting edge of individual artistry and culture simply because they bought a unit from a company that has vertically integrated with it’s manufacturers in order to cut the highest profit and achieve the greatest control over said branding attitudes. This causes consumers to line up and buy tons of overpriced glorified handsets that do the exact same thing as their competition except for with a bigger price tag and (initially) no choice in who their carrier was.

    If anything it seems Nintendo’s biggest mistake may not, in fact, be a lack of killer app games but a lack of smugness in it’s advertising. Is Justin Long available to mug at the camera for a couple of minutes?

  • Fabian

    “The greatest Mediterranean mansion ever”

    USA….. obviously. no taste, no distinctive style. Why do you recommend that? Thats not even mediterran…. not even closely… and is it great? why? thats just…. money.

    I’m getting depressed by just seeing that. Why do people spend that much money and don’t even bother to get a qualified designer/architect?