The Final Countdown: Fetch Actors, Manly Game Covers and John Carpenter’s Best

Go here to see actors Hollywood has tried, and failed, to make huge stars.

Taylor Lautner’s Abduction might be a catastrophic failure, but he’s not the first actor that Hollywood has attempted to make a star, when they didn’t really deserve it.

The Countdown

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  • Dinosaur

    Is that 20 hottest sisters list trolling? The Williams sisters? Really?

    Also the Deschanel sisters being not as hot as anyone much less the Williams sisters? I’m snapping.

  • Leonidas I

    > 20 great english fails – [SuperBooyah]

    Cute to fail language yourself in that line. (“English” is spelled with a capital “E”. Always. Just like you always capitalize people’s namne.)

  • Gamer_ely

    they’re missing a few of those actors, like Sam Worthington, I hate that bastard and will avoid any movie he is in like the plague