The Final Countdown: Female Directors, High School Grad Advice and Gaming Journalism Buzzwords



Go here to see 18 upcoming films by female directors.

“A new study commissioned by the Sundance Institute and Women in Film set out to determine whether a gender gap still exists among directors of independent film, and to no one’s surprise, the menfolk still reign supreme. But, we shall not fret. Rather than focus on folly, let us take note: women came out in force at Sundance this year; approximately half the dramatic film line-up featured female directors.”

The Countdown

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  • Jake Fortner

    I think it’s only about 50% of the time people use the word Entitled they mean what you say. The other half, gamers really are being entitled. In particular, I hate it when a game comes out and it’s actually a really good game, but it isn’t the one that everyone was expecting and so to them it is “bad”. That one annoys the hell out of me. Grand Theft Auto IV is a different game than what you where expecting, but damn is it not full of awesome satire and a great story, as well as great gameplay. It’s jsut not fuck-around-sandbox anymore.

    The other kind of entitled is like when Mass Effect 3 came about. Yeah, it was a bad ending, but demanding a new ending because you “deserve” it is just ridiculous. You don’t deserve anything. It was a product made for you and you expect it to be good, and besides a lame ending it was. This isn’t a lack in quality, it is a disagreement in artistic expression. I disagree too, but don’t think you are owed.

    Anyway, yeah, gaming has a little growing up to do, but we’re getting there I think. Good article!

    • I suppose. I would argue the fans ‘deserved’ more than they got with the ending. It just seemed like a total lack of effort, and for those who invested hundreds of hours into the series, it was a huge disappointment. They ‘deserved’ more effort.

      I realize this is largely philosophical because I would say Star Wars fans ‘deserved’ better prequel movies, but I get that the counterargument is “creators can do whatever they want, it’s their thing.”

  • Jeff

    Mass Effect’s ending makes perfect sense, contains no plot holes (that could be solved using rational thought, or the information provided to people in the game).

    It also fits the theme of the series perfectly. When people talk about the ending being the same, except 3 colors, they only see the last 5 minutes as the ending. They don’t see the entire game as the ending, and that’s what Bioware promised them.

    As for closure and such, 98% of the endings aside from one, everyone gets harvested and used for slave labor. The codex talks about that too. Might not be great closure, but it’s closure.

    People were told before the game launched that Mass Effect 3 is a galactic war, where the price for failure is extinction of every single thing in the galaxy. In 2 out of 3 (or 24 out of 25 endings based off of EMS), that is exactly what happens.

    Thing is I spent 200 episodes and 9 seasons watching X-Files, and all they showed was happened to the two main characters. No one else, like Skinner. I didn’t really think it was a big deal. With Mass Effect, Shepard is the main character you play. Some people might consider someone like Grunt or Samara to be main characters, but based on things you did in previous games, they may not even show up in the third game. So technically, they would be supporting characters.

    Like I said, people got closure for the main character, but if they wanted closure for all those supporting or minor characters, you’re looking at around 35 different endings (squadmates, people like Conrad, Shiala, David Archer, Brynn, Balak, plus many others. Too many to count).

    This game is a sci-fi epic. A game of this size would need around a 5 hour epilogue to tie everything up.

    Instead, they put the closure during the course of the game. Like I said, it’s a galactic war where the price for failure is extinction. It’s not one of those games, where if you do everything right, everyone goes home. It’s a suicide mission where the fate of the entire galaxy is at stake. There may be no going home for anyone. Extremely bleak, but realistic given the circumstances.

    To me, “the ending we deserve”, just sounds like Shepard tells the Starchild to cram it, destroys the Reapers, and retires on a beach. The guy goes on to say that people don’t play games to get punched in the gut in the end. They play them to go out like big goddamn heroes (as Zaeed would say).

    I don’t know, an ending where Shepard destroys the Reapers, and everyone goes back to their homeworld, and lives happily ever after, just doesn’t feel right. No mass relays destroyed, EDI and the Geth lives, no one stuck in the Sol system. Even though the war took place on multiple fronts, and the Extended Cut shows there were Turians on Palaven and Quarians on Rannoch. So no one starves to death. They have live ships on the way to Earth during the beginning of Priority Earth, so they could make some food to last a while until they build new relays or use FTL to get around.

    It’s kind of like a galactic dark age, where there’s a reset back to zero technology wise for everyone. People didn’t like the idea of the mass relays being gone, but like Sovereign said “your civilization is based on the technology of the mass relays–our technology. By using it, your society develops on the paths we desire”.

    As much as people say it’s not about a Hollywood, Return of the King, or happy ending ending for Mass Effect 3, that is exactly the kind of thing people are wanting.