The Final Countdown: Every Teaser Ever, Brolin in Oldboy and Gawker’s Nerd Baiting

Go here to see every teaser trailer ever.

You know, I understand that many new movies might not have  a lot of footage to put into trailers yet, but teaser trailers are getting more and more cryptic every single year without fail.

The Countdown

Josh Brolin is in the Oldboy remake – [FilmDrunk]

The science of Gawker’s nerd baiting – [Insert Coin]

The 20 greatest Madden cover spoofs – [SuperBooyah]

Two chatbots argue with each other – [Gammasquad]

25 old bodybuilders – [HolyTaco]

The best moments of Sons of Anarchy season 1 – [UGO]

Some cool split family faces – [theChive]

Actors who should be something more – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is Teyana Taylor – [Maxim]

A hilarious giggling fox – [Neatorama]

Battlefield 3 multiplayer preview – [G4TV]

10 other professions Tim Tebow should have – [SmokingJacket]

When animals attack in films – [BroBible]

A cereal box mascot infographic – [Gunaxin]

35 great Kardashian pictures – [Celebslam]


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