The Final Countdown Dumb Movies with Meaning, TVD and Nintendo E3


Go here to see dumb movies with deep meanings.

“We all have a favorite stupid movie that we watch over and over despite knowing that it’s bad — the kind of movie that we profess to love, but when someone says they didn’t care for it, we’re all “Yeah, I can see that.” For me, that’s all my favorite movies. “Quality” cinema like Citizen Kane and Pacific Rim is fine for what it is, but when you show me nonsensical dialogue, uninspired special effects, and gratuitous violence, I will swallow each ludicrous frame, digest every syllable of stilted dialogue, until I become ill and bloated with secret meaning. And then I’ll puke that meaning all over you, like a mother bird feeding her young.”

The Countdown 

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Marvel finds its Daredevil Kingpin – [GammaSquad]

Why does time exist? – [GeeksAreSexy]

An awesome soccer street performer – [TheChive]

Tabby is the new cat – [WWIW]

Tracy Morgan is getting better – [TheBlemish]

Superheroes on neighborhood watch in Toronto – [Neatorama]

Six places to do winter sports in summer – [Maxim]

Game streamer robbed at gunpoint – [Izismile]

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