The Final Countdown: Dialogue Clues, Dead TV Characters and Titanfall Dropping


Go here to see movies and TV shows with brilliant clues in the dialogue.

“Foreshadowing is one of those things that takes a lot of effort from the writers but goes largely unnoticed by viewers — it exists mainly as a reward to those loyal fans who watch a movie or TV show over and over. Yet, as we’ve already pointed out on several occasions, your favorite movies and TV shows are absolutely rife with tiny clues that predict important plot developments.”

The Countdown

Ten dead TV characters we wish weren’t – [Pajiba]

Titanfall will be the first major test for Xbox One – [Insert Coin]

First promo for Clive Owen’s Cinemax show – [TVOvermind]

The most whimsical songs in Wes Anderson movies – [GeeksAreSexy]

Trying to create ungendered characters – [GeeksAreSexy]

Michael Phelps sinks 159 foot putt – [TheChive]

New trailer for Game of Thrones – [TheBlemish]

Kevin Bacon promotes ’80s awareness – [WWIW]

Bear tries to climb a rope – [Izismile]

Shooting down a fighter plane with a handgun – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is Claire Coffee – [Maxim]

True Detective killed HBO Go – [Heavy]

The Bachelor finale drinking game – [BroBible]

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