The Final Countdown: Darth Maul Lives, One-Note Actors and Gamer Exploitation

Guess who’s coming to The Clone Wars?

And we were just discussing what it might be like if Darth Maul didn’t die after all a few hours ago. Well in The Clone Wars universe, turns out he’s not dead at all.

The Countdown

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  • Darth Maul never died, just appeared that he did.

  • petrino

    taking the ONLY goood thing about the “first” movie and ******** all over it.

  • trashcanman

    That was an excellent article on Forbes there, Tassi. I recall in ME2, a ton of post-launch DLC was actually free so I had few qualms about shelling for the rest. I thoroughly disagree with this launch-day DLC scheme, but I can’t in good conscience boycott my favorite media franchise so I may have to eat this one. Mass Effect is the only franchise I will do this for, though. I almost never buy DLC and it’ll be a cold day before I shell out for some stupid map pack or costume pack.