The Final Countdown: Crappy Comic Book Movies, The Hangover, and Resident Evil 5 Availability


I have to admit, it’s really hard for there to be a comic book movie worse than Batman and Robin but the folks at Cracked have managed to find 5. Other than that, I turned 30 today.   I feel like I need to quit my job now or something.  Writing about hot chicks and video games at 30.  Isn’t that kind of immature?  Actually no, it’s about the best thing I can imagine. 

The Countdown

5 Comic book movies way worse than Batman and Robin – [Cracked]

Trailer for Todd Phillips’ The Hangover – [Film School Rejects]

Resident Evil 5 Available in home – [Destructoid]

A new trailer for Kizuna – [Gonintendo]

Filmmaker to have camera installed in his eye? – [Screencrave]

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