The Final Countdown: Coincidental Creations, Harold Ramis and Titanfall Xbox One Bundle

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Go here to see random coincidences that invented pop culture.

“The ancient Greeks believed that inspiration came from the Muses, goddesses who came down from Olympus to help common mortals create great works of art. But nowadays we know that creative minds get their ideas from pretty much whatever random shit comes their way.”

The Countdown

RIP Harold Ramis – [Pajiba]

Microsoft reveals Titanfall Xbox One bundle – [Insert Coin]

Trailer for Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley – [WarmingGlow]

The five best old school cartoons – [TVOvermind]

Cosplay’s double standard – [GeeksAreSexy]

Playing the Mario theme on an ancient flute – [TheChive]

All the droids you’re not looking for – [Neatorama]

January Jones was an odd kid – [TheBlemish]

Germany makes the best commercials – [WWIW]

WhatsApp is more expensive than everything – [Izismile]

Today’s girl is Ronda Rousey – [Maxim]

The 25 craziest Google streetview images – [BroBible]

Oscar nominees with Pixar characters – [Gunaxin]

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