The Final Countdown: Coincidences, Seinfeld Stand-Up and Destiny Will Not Manifest

deus ex

Go here to see some mind-blowing coincidences.

“The real world is full of the kind of coincidences you’d dismiss as bad writing if you saw them in a movie. We asked you to collect the most mind blowing true examples you’ve come across.”

The Countdown

Jerry Seinfeld does stand-up again – [WWIW]

No, Destiny won’t be out in 2013 – [Insert Coin]

What’s on DVD and streaming this week? – [FilmDrunk]

Bruce Campbell buying a tattoo – [GeeksAreSexy]

The Walking Dead promo pics – [TVOvermind]

The girl with 9 mugshots in 2 years – [Izismile]

Mila Kunis in talks for 50 shades – [ScreenCrush]

A car does a backflip – [TheChive]

Hayden Panettiere in Nylon – [TheBlemish]

A Lambo crashes at high speeds – [Pedal]

Today’s girl is Liz Hatch – [Maxim]

Allison Brie on Jimmy Fallon – [BroBible]

Travis Barker still won’t fly – [Heavy]

Writing Clerks 3 as a book – [ToplessRobot]

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