The Final Countdown: Christmas Fanfic, TV Fan Theories and More Guns and Video Games

Go here to see the most baffling Christmas fan fiction.

“As we’ve told you twice before, fan-fic writers don’t let little things like “sanity” get in the way of their favorite characters meeting and then immediately boning. And unlike the rest of us, they don’t take a Christmas vacation. So without further ado, let’s see the genital-shriveling ways they celebrate the holidays.”

The Countdown

Six wild TV fan theories – [TVOvermind]

The numbers behind guns and video games – [Insert Coin]

This year’s screenplay blacklist – [FilmDrunk]

A chemistry based Christmas tree – [GeeksAreSexy]

My book, Christmas present? – [Amazon]

DIY spaceship for a five year old – [Izismile]

Trailer for Girls season 2-  [ScreenCrush]

Taking over Santa Con – [TheChive]

13 spacesuits to inspire NASA – [Pajiba]

An awesome Wookie stocking – [Neatorama]

The best photos of Taylor Swift – [Barnorama]

Today’s girl is Inbar Lavi – [Maxim]

The best athlete from every state – [BroBible]

Have you aired your Festivus grievances? – [Heavy]


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