The Final Countdown: Christmas Fanfic, TV Fan Theories and More Guns and Video Games

Go here to see the most baffling Christmas fan fiction.

“As we’ve told you twice before, fan-fic writers don’t let little things like “sanity” get in the way of their favorite characters meeting and then immediately boning. And unlike the rest of us, they don’t take a Christmas vacation. So without further ado, let’s see the genital-shriveling ways they celebrate the holidays.”

The Countdown

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  • Postal

    Glad to see the comments section on Forbes looks a bit more reasonable than the last one. Although that one guy who throws out accusations of sloppy arguments, who then makes completely unsubstantiated claims, is annoying.

    I think an effective strategy on this issue is to point out that the NRA, the PR and lobbying firm for gun manufacturers, is scapegoating games and gamers to divert blame from them. This is a financial decision. I implore fellow gamers to not let them succeed!

  • Gray

    These damned pop-ups are gonna lose you guys some visitors.

  • Nick D Pags

    Good on you Paul. Don’t let internet assholes dampen your point. It’s a good one.

    Although the NRA did get me thinking about guns in video games. Not that I think video games are part of the gun crime problem.
    I just think shooting stuff is a pretty stale gameplay mechanic.
    Maybe we should give the NRA their wish and reduce the amount of guns in movies and games.