The Final Countdown: Chevy Replacements, Gandalf Overrated and Black Ops Record

Go here to see who could replace Chevy Chase on Community.

“Long time, dedicated fans of NBC’s “Community” — wherein “long time” means “three years” and “dedicated” means “tweeting and/or tumblring about the show to excess” — have always known that Chevy Chase’s membership in the cast was fraught, at best.”

The Countdown

Why Gandalf is an overrated Wizard – [Cracked]

Black Ops 2 beats new Modern Warfare record – [Insert Coin]

Eddie Murphy most overpaid actor – [FilmDrunk]

The battle of Helms Deep in Lego – [GeeksAreSexy]

The five most violent shows on TV – [TVOvermind]

NASA will send second Mars Rover – [Pedal]

The funniest face swaps of the year – [Izismile]

An iPhone that can really do everything – [TheChive]

The Hobbit, an expected parody – [WWIW]

Terrible Christmas presents for terrible people – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is Willa Holland – [Maxim]

Zack Morris sells bracelets on Shark Tank – [BroBible]

Meet the new Harry Osbourne – [ToplessRobot]

Some of the worst tattoos ever – [Barnorama]



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