The Final Countdown: Cheap Celebrities, Doomed Ads and Danny Trejo on SOA

Go here to see the world’s cheapest celebrities.

Just because you acquire fame and fortune doesn’t mean you have to start being spend happy. These celebrities have remained down to earth despite their massive piles of money.

Approaching 200 Twitter followers. I’m so famous. False.

The Countdown

Six ad campaigns for a doomed humanity – [Cracked]

Danny Trejo on Sons of Anarchy! – [WarmingGlow]

Video games declared art by government – [Insert Coin]

Advice from cinema’s great dads – [FilmDrunk]

25 horrible awful giant bugs – [HolyTaco]

The cat with the human slave – [Izismile]

NBC is renewing Chuck, again – [Pajiba]

One trailer for every movie sequel – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Selita Ebanks – [Maxim]

The Navy SEAL pastor who wasn’t – [ForkParty]

Beginner’s guide to Starcraft – [G4TV]

Japan always does cosplay better – [SmokingJacket]

Olivia Wilde in a new bikini photoshoot – [Guyism]

A trailer for Horrible Bosses – [BroBible]

Teaser for Soul Caliber 5 – [ToplessRobot]

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