The Final Countdown: Channel Makeovers, Real Life Mechs and 2011 TV

Go here to see how channels changed their identities.

Rebranding is a tricky thing. How do you convert over a channel into something it wasn’t previously? The channels you know and love today used to be something very, very different.

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The Countdown

Five mechs that exist in real life – [Cracked]

2011 shows that we can’t wait for – [UGO]

Lars Von Trier says he’s a Nazi – [FilmDrunk]

25 reasons that Segways exist – [HolyTaco]

Behind the scenes of famous movies – [Izismile]

10 things people did when PSN was down – [SuperBooyah]

Even more American Idol judges – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Beyonce – [Maxim]

How to detect Facebook spam – [WonderHowto]

Five celebs who will melt down – [SmokingJacket]

Modern Warfare 3’s teaser trailer – [G4TV]

Apple rolls out more iCrap – [Atom]

Bieber only has seven fans in Hong Kong – [DJMick]

Finland is world hockey champions – [BustedCoverage]

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