The Final Countdown: Channel Makeovers, Real Life Mechs and 2011 TV

Go here to see how channels changed their identities.

Rebranding is a tricky thing. How do you convert over a channel into something it wasn’t previously? The channels you know and love today used to be something very, very different.

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The Countdown

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  • Jim Jahey

    There are a couple channel changes that didn’t make the list which I think should have been number one: history channel going from actual history to reality/2012 apocalypse. In an entire week of programming, there was one series that talked about history and about 5,000,000 shows talking about finding junk in someone else’s baclkyard, or pawning something, or just being jackasses.

    The only worse TV switch may be G4 turning from video game TV to “crazy japanese obsessed crap.” X Play is THE ONLY video game show left on G4. Every other show as become a translation of some japanese game show.